Applications of Plastic Machining

Posted on May 5th, 2021 | Categories News

Many sectors need highly accurate plastic machining in order to make a range of high-quality parts. CNC machining uses computer-aided tools to create unique and complex parts that are the best quality and defect-free. Here are just some of the sectors that rely on plastic machining and the parts they use.


Plastic Machining Services

The medical sector needs a range of plastic materials, instruments and devices capable of tending to the needs of patients. These parts often need to be suitable for either sterilising or be disposable, in order to prevent the spread of germs or disease. Parts created for the medical sector include implants, health monitors, MRI machines, medical instruments and research equipment.


Parts used in making aircraft need to be able to withstand high speeds and pressures as well as fast air currents. Even the smallest defect could harm the aircraft, so all parts need to be precisely made through plastic machining. Examples of these parts include airfoils, landing gear, and electrical parts. We design all of these components with high tolerances in mind.


The transport industry requires parts that can carry goods and people over long distances without fail. We design these parts so they are robust and can last a long time. They also need to withstand a lot of pressure at high speeds. Examples of parts created for the transport industry include components used in trains, transport trucks, and other vehicles.

Oil and Gas

Refineries and drilling rigs need components that are durable and can fit together with precision. Often these facilities are located in remote areas where replacement parts can be hard to get. Therefore, any parts used need to be highly reliable and able to withstand a range of conditions. These components include valves, rods, drill bits and cylinders used to process a high volume of oil and gas.


The military need products that can perform a range of functions in even the harshest and remote locations. As a result, this sector must keep up with the latest technologies, and plastic machining is the best way to improve on products used for national security. The exact products they use and the methods we use to make them are kept secret; however, we often make these parts for communication, transportation and electronic devices.


As electronic devices become smaller and more complex, consequently the methods used for creating them need to be highly accurate. So, CNC machining is best used to make small parts that have high tolerances and are extremely accurate. Examples of these parts include heat sinks, insulation and shielding from radio interference.


For any watercraft or undersea vehicles, you will require parts that are resistant to water and high pressure. In particular, we design electronic parts so that they can resist any water damage. These parts include propellers, engines, onboard electronics and insulating cases.

TK Fabrications

At TK Fabrications, we have many years of experience in manufacturing plastic parts used in a range of sectors. Our range of CNC milling and machining equipment can create any product you need, to the highest degree of accuracy. To find out more about our plastic machining services, contact us online or via phone. For the best services in engineering plastic, contact TK Fabrications today.