What is ‘Precision Machining’?

Posted on September 23rd, 2021 | Categories News

Precision machining might not be a very familiar term to some people. But it’s a manufacturing process that is used in a range of global industries, from medical to aeronautical. For example, every time you turn on the ignition in your car, you are using parts that have been made using precision machining tools.

Established in 1979, here at TK Fabrications we are specialists in machining and fabrication. We have created thousands of precision made plastic and composite parts for our customers. So, read on if you would like to know more about the wide range of benefits offered by precision machining services.

CNC Machining Centre

How does precision machining work?

Sculptors begin with a solid block of marble. By carefully removing what isn’t needed, they can create a masterpiece. The principal of machining with precision is very much the same. We cut the excess from a larger piece of material, to create a component to do a specific job.

The process of creating smaller parts from larger blocks of material has been going on for hundreds of years. However, the difference nowadays is that we have machines to carry out precision engineering, which allows for much greater accuracy.

That accuracy has improved to near perfection through the development of processes like CNC turning (Computer Numerical Control). By using computers to control the machining tools, we remove the possibility of human error during the manufacturing process.

What is a CNC machine?

The process of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is at the heart of modern precision machining. It means that vital manufacturing machines can now be programmed and controlled digitally. This includes cutting tools, milling machines, lathes and grinders.

A specific computer programme (or pattern) can be created for bespoke parts in a variety of materials. The whole of the cutting process is then controlled by the machine’s computer. This allows for complex components to be created much more easily and with extreme accuracy.

CAM programmes (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) also mean that businesses can develop their own product designs. These can be saved, and machines can then be programmed to create the product.

The benefits of precision machining

Better accuracy

The greater accuracy of CNC machining opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of design. Manufacturing industries are already reaping the rewards of this advancing technology.

Lower cost

Machining with computer precision creates less waste than traditional methods. So, this makes the whole process much more cost-effective.

More efficient

Because modern machining is now so efficient, new products can be brought to market much more quickly. In addition, with designs programmed on computer, the process is easy and cheap to replicate.

Improved safety

Most machining processes are now automated. Because the equipment is no longer controlled by an operator, the process has become much safer.

More versatility

CNC machining can be used to create components in a wide range of materials; from plastic to stainless steel. The use of composites also offers much greater freedom of design for a huge number of industries.

To find out more information about our precision machining services, or for some helpful advice, get in touch with TK Fabrications today.