What is Plastic Fabrication?

Posted on January 22nd, 2021 | Categories News

Plastic fabrication is any process that designs, creates and constructs products with plastic. There are a wide range of methods which can be used when working with plastic; some are more suited to certain types of products than others. To find out more about the most popular plastic fabrication methods we have in use, read on.

Methods of Plastic Fabrication

1. Blending/Compounding

This involves mixing two or more plastics together to form a blend. Once mixed, we form them into a new shape. This involves mixing a specific amount of each plastic to enhance the qualities of the final product, such as making it more flame-resistant.

2. Moulding

Here, we allow the molten plastic to cool and harden into shape within a mould. We can do this by injection moulding with pressers to create car parts and surgical supplies. Another method is blow moulding, where we blow air into the mould to create bottles and containers. In addition, this can be done by rotational moulding, where we rotate the plastic repeatedly to create hollow parts such as fuel tanks and canoes.

3. Extrusion

This method involves melting the plastic into small pellets which are then fed through a die. We use extrusion to create plastic sheets, tubes and pipes, and it is a popular method due to its speed and strength.

4. Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is where we heat and stretch a sheet of plastic over a mould. We then shape the plastic over the mould using a vacuum.

5. Lamination

This process coats the surface of a material with a plastic sheet to improve strength and appearance. The lamination process involves using heat and pressure to form a protective film or resin around the selected material.

6. Welding

In the welding process we fuse together two or more plastics that cannot be merged through adhesive or other bonding methods. We often fuse the pieces with a filler material to ensure they weld together.

7. Foaming

This involves using polystyrene and polyurethane composites to create a sheet of plastic foam. We form the foam through a process of physical or chemical blowing to create a range of colour schemes and flame-resistant options.

Using TK Fabrications For Plastic Fabrication

At TK Fabrications we are able to offer you a wide range of bespoke plastic options. Our highly skilled team produce a range of superior quality plastic products during our production runs. To find out more about our plastic fabrication options speak with our highly skilled team today.